Health & Saftey
Meridian Marquees strives to meet all its legislative Health and Safety obligations.

Health & Safety

Our governing body MUTA carry out regular on site inspections of builds each year to assess we are achieving best practice at all events whether private or corporate. For the latter we prepare and submit detailed Risk Assessments and Method Statements tailored for the individual event and its specific site conditions prior to the construction.

Private clients don’t always require this level of detail, but we as an organisation maintain the same diligence, we do not operate a dual tier system. For instance we will always CAT scan the marquee site for underground utilities if we feel they may be present before commencing the build.

We insist our suppliers and sub-contractors work to the same standard, as principal contractor the ultimate responsibility for any event rests with us.

Meridian Marquees is a preferred supplier to a number of both historic and unique venues, we maintain public liability insurance over and beyond the usual off the shelf policy limits our competitors rely on. With a proven track record in Health & Safety, we enjoy competitive premiums from well-known insurance companies rather than packaged policies.

We are diligent to maintain that temporary power distribution installations meet the 2016 BS7909 standard, whether fed from a permanent source or generator. This also extends to our duty of care regarding environmental impact from other services like loos and heating units.

Our foremen and core-team are full time employees of the company and have an in-depth knowledge and experience gained from many years working within the marquee and temporary structure industry. We insist on Person Protective Equipment (PPE) being worn at all times as a standard requirement not an optional extra.

We ensure that all health and safety policies are strictly adhered to on construction sites and all parties, including client and organisers should be aware of their responsibility in relation to health and safety, and the revision of the Construction and Design Management Regs in 2015.


Reducing risk

When working with structures at any event there are a number of guidelines which are followed to reduce risk and improve overall safety:

  1. Structures will be properly installed so whilst in service we ensure their structural integrity in windy/inclement conditions. Our party frame structures are warrantied to 62mph and the large profile frames are warrantied to 70mph by the manufacturers when staked in accordance with their guidelines.
  2. Work will be carried out in accordance with previously agreed plans and schedules – last minute changes will be carefully considered and all safety factors taken into account.
  3. Structures for public events will have adequate exits in case of an emergency evacuation.
  4. Adequate anchoring will be carried out and regularly inspected for long term events.
  5. The structure should not be tampered with and no changes should be made without prior consultation with Meridian Marquees.
  6. This refers especially to:
    • Attempting to move the structure, or parts of it
    • Exits
    • Wall bracing
    • Anchoring points
    • Removal of walls
    • Additional loading on cross rafters
    • Introduction of flammable materials – all the materials we supply conform with current British Standards regarding fire retardant capacity and HSE guidelines
    • Flooring systems and covering
    • Electrical and mechanical equipment
  7. Positive action will be taken to ensure that any underground utilities / services (gas /electric /water/ data etc.) are identified and avoided before the marquee is built.


Ancillary Equipment

Having mentioned our supplier’s guidelines regarding their structures, this also extends to include load bearing capacity upon the framework. This could be lighting, speakers, allied cabling or decorative trimmings. Where another contractor is involved, Meridian Marquees will advise the weight that can be suspended from the framework after consideration for the linings. We can also provide anchorage points if required.

In winter to prevent potential snow accumulation adding to the overall load, Meridian Marquees will ensure sufficient heating is applied to stop any build up.


N.B. long term builds technically require temporary planning consent for periods in excess of 28 days. Liaison with the local authority is recommended before construction.


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